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China Mineral Processing Ltd (CMP)

Company Name: China Mineral Processing Ltd (CMP)
Category: Raw Material
Country: China
ZIP: 300042
Website: http://www.cmptj.com
Company Profile
China Mineral Processing Ltd (CMP) is a European company formed by a group of independent investors to develop the processing of Chinese minerals in China for export into the world market. In 1993, CMP built its first processing plant –C M P Tianjin Co. Ltd(CMP Tianjin) near the port of Xingang, Tianjin, China and pioneered the export of pre-sized minerals from China for world refractory industry. In 1998 CMP established a pre-mixing line and was the first to provide OEM production of refractory pre-mixes for European refractory manufacturers. In 2000, CMP initiated the production and export of synthetic refractory mullite from China. In 2001 CMP constructed a state-of-the-art castable plant and started to provide OEM production of finished products for a number of internationally renowned refractory manufacturers. In January 2005, CMP Tianjin’s new mineral processing plant came into full operation. Since inception, CMP has grown rapidly to become a dominant force in the supply of processed minerals and pre-mixes to the World market.